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This is a blend of herbs for autoimmune situations that is good for all people. Herbs that stimulate the immune system should be avoided, while using herbs for autoimmune imbalances that help the body deal with stress are effective.

This blend is equal parts Reishi Mushroom, Licorice Root, Eleuthero Root, Cassia Cinnamon chips, and Rosehips. Simmer two to three generous pinches per cup of water for at least 15 minutes or longer (the longer, the stronger). Make more than one cup at a time and save some for later. Let cool and then strain out the herbs. The used herbs are great for your soil. Just toss them into your garden or mix into compost.

Ingredients & About the herbs

Reishi Mushroom: regulates the immunological responses, calms the mind and soothes nerves. It is a powerful adaptogen that can both regulate and stimulate the immune system. If you have an overactive immune system, like in autoimmune diseases, the reishi mushroom will help to take that response down, and if you have an under-active immune system, it will help boost you up.

Eleuthero Root: Adrenal and immunity tonic, improves stamina, aids recovery and helps fatigue. It may keep you up, if you drink it at night. Eleuthero Root was once called Siberian Ginseng.

Licorice Root: Excellent for aiding in digestion. Supports a healthy immune response, HPA axis system, aids inflammation of stomach and bowel.

Cassia Cinnamon: Aids digestion. Lowers blood sugar. Warms the body. Reduces inflammation.

Rosehips: High concentration of vitamin C.

Here’s what you’ll need: Coffee Bean grinder (not absolutely necessary). Scale to get the proportions right. And the loose herbs. Grind up the reishi mushroom if you want smaller pieces, because many sources of reishi arrive in slices.


Put 1/3 oz of each herb into a pot with 4 cups of purified water. You’ll also need a strainer and a pitcher or I like to use a quart size mason jar. Makes for easy storage.

Simmer herbs for 15 minutes or more. The beauty of a decoction is that you can make it as strong as you want, just be sure that there’s enough water so it won’t all evaporate.

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