Our healing offerings include individual programs and group workshops, events, and ceremonies

Our programs are based on the belief is that the organism knows how to heal itself, but there may be unconscious thought and action patterns that block the individual from being in homeostasis and therefore aligned with true essence and purpose. Overtime, if left unchecked, these patterns cause disbalances that lead to dis-ease of body, mind, and spirit.

The work of Colibrí is to help people get in communication with the messages that the body and spirit are speaking, not only for the peace and health of the individual, but for the peace and health of all beings and the planet. We are the microcosms of the macrocosom. Therefore the disharmony or harmony within us will have a ripple effect on everything.

We all experience pain and suffering to some degree, but if we desire to stop the escalating destructive patterns, we must first be aware of our own suffering, learn how to have a dialogue with it, and then learn how to nurture our own wounds for healing.

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