The backbone of Colibri Healing is wholesomeness and wholeness- from the materials we use, to the cross-cultural relationships we tend to, and the offerings we provide . Everything we do is aligned with bringing us back into connection and homeostasis- with ourselves and our environment. It is our belief that we must remember ourselves as part in the alive pulse of nature. We see this remembering as key to our collective and environmental healing.

Our crafts that we make and carry are made of ethical, real, wholesome materials. They are objects of real beauty meant to engage us with the sensual and spiritual. In our support of South American indigenous craftsmen and women, we have partnered with the Paititi Institute of Peru, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation of ecology,indigenous culture, and awakening the infinite human potential. These craftspeople carry the important ancestral ways that are in connection and reverence to nature.

We offer handcrafted herbal medicinals, often wildcrafted or organically grown on our land here in Northern California. These alchemical preparations are another way for us to engage with and utilize the bounty and beauty of Mother Nature as she offers it. We believe in the Divine wisdom of nature with an understanding that the medicine the Earth offers is in perfect balance, supporting our bodies in the most natural, effective way. Along with the physiological benefits of these medicines, medicines crafted from whole plants in reverence and co-creation with the Earth also contain Spirit, Prana, or Chi. Therefore, these preparations heal holistically, to all levels of our being.

We are a husband and wife duo raising two baby girls in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Colibri Healing was founded in Encinitas, CA in 2017.

Colibri Medicine About Us