Scotch Broom Flower Essence: The Making of and Energetics

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Do you ever get a seed planted in your head, from who knows where, and it sits there, just a little kernel of awareness? It begins to sprout and pop and grow into your brain a little more and a little more.This is how my Scotch Broom Flower Essence came into being, as a little glimmer of inspiration whispering for me over the course of several days to look further into it. The whispering continued to gently nudge me until I found the right moment to pick up my Bach Flower Essence Repertory to see what it had to say. Usually, when I am making flower essences, I do not consult this book until after I have sat in meditation with the plant itself in order to receive the most pure, unbiased information. But this time, I felt called to pick up the book, and right away, it was very clear why Scotch Broom had been calling me at this time. The repertory gave a beautiful, detailed description of the plant’s energetics, with the theme of it being centered around uplifting the burdened soul from the weight of the state of the world. Suddenly, the rest of my to-do list for the day fell to the wayside as I knew I must follow the inspiration of making this medicine.
In the midst of the global pandemic of the coronavirus when many of us have been in quarantine for multiple weeks, I have felt a calling to do my part of contributing to this moment in time. I’ve been feeling that this huge,abruption to our daily life could be just the thing we need to change what we really need to change in the world in order to create a more sustainable outlook for the future of humanity and the planet. The changes won’t be big enough unless we are forced into them, and here is Mama Nature exerting that force. I do belive we can make a lasting change from this time, but now is the time to really raise the vibration to make that happen. We can head to despair from this or we can use it as a turning point. Nature and all of Her many forms are our biggest allies in healing. Flower essences provide a beautiful way of working with her medicine.
According to the Bach Flower Essence Repertory, “We live in a time of great uncertainty, transformation, and upheaval. These powerful conditions can predispose many souls to feel very anxious and depressed about their lives and the future of the Earth. Such persons may be morbidly attracted to apocalyptic scenarios of the future, or exposure to mass media portrayal of world events may arouse intense feelings of pessimism and despair. These feelings burden the soul with extreme emotional weight so that the soul becomes heavy and “deep-pressed”. At the core of such illness is the feeling of “What’s the use?” Or “Why try?” The depression such persons experience is characterized not only by feelings about their personal lives, but about the world as a whole and their relationship to world events. Thus the soul is paralyzed in the positive use of its forces, unconsciously adding to darkness of the “world-psyche”. Scotch Broom gives tenacity and strength, enabling the individual to move from personal despair to impersonal service and concern for the welfare of the world. This essence helps the soul to meet the challenges of our times as opportunities for self growth and for helping others. In making this transition, the soul shifts from its unconscious identification with world darkness to the vision of a more hopeful, positive world future.”

As I began to meditate with Scotch Broom, a feeling of release and surrender came over me as I was drawn out of my ridgity of “now I’m meditating with this plant” to laying down on the Earth and simply gazing at her. I was struck right away with how beautifully she danced in the breeze and the word “grace” echoed through my being.
I recalled what I had been taught in Kathi Keville’s herbal apprenticeship about Scotch Broom being invasive. It could easily “take over” and become a fire risk. I learned that she is psychedelic if ingested inducing an unpleasant, dissociative, and psychically dangerous psychedelia. As this memory came to me, I drew the comparison of scotch broom and the coronavirus – “invasive, scary, dangerous”, but all I could see was her beauty as she arched and danced in the breeze, her yellow sunny flowers reminding me of my favorite color when I was a child. I was called to brush her on my face. Her touch sensual and soothing, smoothing away the worry on my forehead. I was relaxed and held in a feminine prescense that showed me how to be in grace and a sunny disposition even and especially in the energy of fear. There is a bright side to everything, even the “invaders”. Accept all. Reject none. I noticed the toughness of her stems. The thick cord almost impossible to break with just your hands even though they are quite thin. She’s tough yet fluid at the same time.
I placed a vessel of water in front of her and plucked a few flowers that called to me to be extracted into our essence making. Around the water clear quartz tower was placed to the front for clear cut clarity. Tangerine quartz as placed behind the vessel for clearing trauma and shock. To the right, black tourmaline for grounding and protection, and to the left, rose quartz for love.
May this medicine be of aide and assistance to whomever it finds in this time and may those individuals ripple out grace, strength, and sunniness into the world-psyche.

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