Empowerment Guidance/Soul-ular Healing

Soul-ular Healing sessions are for those who are desiring deep, attentive, and nurturing space, with support and guidance, to “unpack” the deeper layers of one’s soul journey. It is for those who are looking for an attunement and drop in with the greater perspective of one’s life. It is a space to be honest! Sometimes, all we really need for the deeper messages to make themselves clear is to practice focus, honesty, and vulnerability.

Together, we create a safe and sacred space to witness wounding and associated blockages and access the wisdom and healing potential that comes through this process. In this way, our greatest challenges become our greatest teachers- they assist us in bringing about our greatest gifts into the world if we chose to work with them compassionately and responsibly. We come to recognize the sacred and growth opportunities in every experience in life.

We work to become empowered to see how fears and wounds are affecting our lives and relationships, our wellbeing and health. We work to understand on a cellular level that fear does not have to run the show. Together we listen to what needs are presenting themselves and identify what thought patterns are keeping one from giving oneself what it is that he or she is truly desiring and needing for highest expression and vitality.

We work to increase connection- to ourselves and also to our environment, the Earth and subtle energies. In this fast paced, over stimulated world, we choose to take a moment to slow down to hear and see the larger picture.

We work with archetypes and elemental properties to help us identify energies present in our lives that could be out of balance or depleted. Energy in all the forms it takes in the macrocosm are also all a part of and available to you! We study the outer landscape so that we can greater understand the inner landscape.

We call upon deep listening, ritual for letting go or calling in, guided meditations/journeying to access our inner child, highest self, guides and ancestors, and dream language to understand and utilize archetypal energies and symbolism in our life journey. We identify your herbal allies to help realign, support, protect, and nurture our entire Being.

1-1.5 hour sessions
Energy exchange

Dream Counsel

The dream work practice I offer combines Jungian transpersonal psychology and shamanic wisdom. The dream language allows the participant to be guided into exploration of their subconscious to understand where blockages are present, what emotions are repressed, what soul level processing is taking place, and how to move forward on the healing journey. One will learn how to interpret the messages of symbolism and follow the tale that unfolds in the dreamscape and use this language as a compass in the Hero’s journey of their life. The process involves a series of dream recording (4-6 dreams), written interpretation, and a phone or in person session.

Sliding Scale: $75-100


Amazonian Breathwork

Release & replenish the 7 energy centers through the wisdom of Ancient Amazonian techniques.
This breathwork modality is unique because it is a standing and movement breathwork. A very primitive expression comes about and substantial amounts of pent-up, stagnant or blocked energies are able to be released through the movements, sounds and elemental interconnectedness that is explored.

Sliding Scale: $40-50

You are always welcome!

None are turned away due to cost issues. Open communication regarding budget is always available.