Dream Counsel

Shamanic + Jungian Dream Counsel with Herbal Support

Dream language allows the participant to be guided into exploration of their subconscious to understand where blockages are present, what emotions are repressed, what soul level processing is taking place, and how to move forward on the healing journey. With dream counsel, one will learn how to interpret the messages of symbolism and follow the tale that unfolds in the dream-scape and use this language as a compass in the journey of their life. Everyone’s subconscious and it’s way of speaking are different, so it is really up to the dreamers themselves to tap into the messaging.

I offer a framework, but most importantly, I am working to coax out the dreamer’s own innate intuition. The dream work practice I offer was taught to me for my own self healing at the Paititi Institute</a target=”_blank”> in Peru. I was then further trained by Paititi to guide others in this style of dream work, which is a combination of Jungian trans-personal psychology and shamanic wisdom.

The process involves a series of dream recording (4-6 dreams), and a phone or in person interpretation session. Herbal allies specific to the individual and the processing that is coming forward may be recommended.

Sliding Scale: $50-75

For further inquiries or to sign up please email colibrihealing@gmail.com.