“Shelby offered Amazonian Breathwork & Shamanic Energy Cleansing to my being. She guided the Breathwork beautifully and I felt safe to really let my breath and tensions in my body go. I deeply appreciated the integrating energy work afterwards that left me feeling safe and held to dive deep into my inner cosmos and emotions. Shelby is a powerful spaceholder and an incredible singing and Ceremony leader; this I can so clearly attest to!
Thank you for sharing your medicine with me sister!”

– Sage Aurora

“My dream coaching sessions with Shelby have been incredibly insightful, perspective shifting and healing beyond my expectations. I have come to understand this work as art and language of the Soul that is here for the Soul’s growth and expansion. I realize that, before our work together, I felt uncomfortable with some of the dreams I would have and didn’t understand the reason for the reoccurring dreams I experience. I have come to learn that the language in and of itself was speaking to me in a way that I could not yet hear because I didn’t have the guidance to understand this delicate and colorful symbolism of the subconscious. Now that I do, there is energetic processing and clearing taking place within my being, helping me to shift and heal. Throughout this work, I am continually fascinated and excited. It is helping me to unfold and blossom into an even greater balance and love for myself as I continue to journey on and receive interpretive guidance sessions with Shelby. I would refer anyone I loved to Shelby for the work she does in this world. Her heart is open and she listens, holding the most sacred, supportive and beautyfull space for such an intimate sharing. Each time, I feel nurtured and uplifted with a greater ability to support and love my own self. I feel the vibrational essence of this healing medicine that Shelby embodies each time I am with her. Her work is that of the heart and she gives so much love. Thank you, Shelby, for being a clear channel for this powerful medicine with which you have blessed my life.”

– Erica Winterhaler