Rapeh – Connection with Plant Medicine


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Rapeh – Connection with Plant Medicine

Rapeh (sometimes spelled rapé or hape) is very grounding and opening, has a quick impact, and produces a sense of well being and connection with plant medicine. Larger amounts may produce purging, which is considered to be purification. Taken with applicator, either self application with a kuripe or applied by another using a tepi.

Types of Rapeh

7Ervas Rapeh – Vitality and Immunity

7ervas Ceremonial Rapeh directly from the Huin Quin tribe in Brazil. Prepared with extensive prayer and ceremony. A blend of seven different herbs formulated for overall vitality and immunity. We respect that the tribes do not always disclose their sacred blend ingredients, with this blend being the case. Strong, grounding and nurturing with a bit of a spice.

Canela de Velho Rapeh – Remedy for Chronic Pain

Ceremonial Rapeh from the Huin Quin tribe of Brazil, Canela de Velho Rapeh is prepared with extensive prayer and ceremony. The plants involved in this blend art tobacco, tsunu ashes, and Canela de Velho. Canela de Velho (miconia albicans) is a shrub native to Brazil that has a long history of medicinal use. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties which make it a wonderful remedy for chronic pain especially of the joints. It has also been known to increase blood circulation which increased the absorption of the other plant medicines, making this a strong rapeh.

Mentolado Rapeh – Clearing and Invigorating

Mentolado Rapeh is a ceremonial rapeh directly from the Kuntanawa tribe in Brazil. Prepared with extensive prayer and ceremony. The lightest rapeh we carry as far as the tobacco element. A blend of Tsunu, Tobacco, and Mint. Upon delivery one experiences a clearing, invigorating minty sensation. Great for clearing- sinuses, headaches, congestion of both physical and spiritual.

Nawa Rapeh – Beautiful Space of Connection

Ceremonial Nawa Rapeh From Acre, Brazil. Prepared with extensive prayer and ceremony. This Rapeh has been described as a more “feminine” medicine with strong Panchamama energy. She really holds you in a beautiful space of connection. Strong and nurturing with a bit of spice.

Samauma Rapeh – Queen of the Jungle

Ceremonial Rapeh directly form the Kuntanawa tribe of Brazil. Prepared with extensive prayer and ceremony.

The Samauma tree is the Queen of the Jungle. This is a heart opening medicine that helps with spiritual and ancestral connection. It is also known to induce lucid dreaming.

This mixture contains: samauma, tobacco, and tsunu

Tsunu Rapeh- Connect with Dreamtime

Tsunu is a tree of dreams. It reveals many things in the dream state. A sacred medicine to treat insomnia and headaches. It can be a lighter medicine, ideal for gentler needs.Tsunu is an ash from the tsunu tree and is blended into all of the rapehs that I carry. This particular blend is only Tsunu and Tobacco. It is lovely to experience the simplicity of this blend.


Use with intention. Self apply with a kuripe.

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