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Our Colibri Healing kuripes are the perfect tool for self-administering Amazonian rapé, a traditional snuff used in ceremonies for its grounding and meditative properties. Carefully hand-crafted in the Sierra Nevada foothills, these durable and lightweight bamboo kuripes feature medium to large bores for easy use. Add this ancient healing practice to your wellness routine with our high-quality kuripes.

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Colibri Healing carefully hand-crafts each kuripe in the Sierra Nevada foothills. These beautifully crafted tools are specifically designed for the self-administration of rapé, an Amazonian snuff used in traditional ceremonies.

Traditionally, rapé is administered through a tepi pipe by a shaman, blowing it into the nostrils of another person. The kuripe offers a convenient and personal alternative for those seeking to incorporate this ancient medicine into their wellness routine.

To use your kuripe, find a comfortable seated position either in solitude or in a ceremonial circle with others. It is recommended to have your own kuripe to maintain cleanliness when sitting with others.

Rapé is typically used in silence and is known for its grounding effects and ability to enhance meditation. It is important to approach the use of rapé with intention, as these herbs can be quite strong. As you sit with your kuripe, take the time to reflect on your intentions and the healing you hope to receive.

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