Ceremonial Grade Drinking Cacao


Ceremonial Grade drinking cacao blended with maca, chaga, reishi, and cayenne

Use in an intentional way to aide in transformational shifts



Cocoa has a deep rooted history of ceremonial and ritualistic medicine in the Aztec and Mayan cultures.
It is known to open the heart chakra, heighten awareness, inspire creativity, and support meditation.
My blend is aided by other revered and potent plants: maca, chaga, reishi, and cayenne
All organic and well sourced ingredients
Use in an intentional way to aide in transformational shifts

5.5oz- about 15-18 servings for daily servings, depending on serving strength
for a CEREMONIAL DOSE- depending on sensitivity, take up to 1/4 of container.

Info on the ECUADORIAN ARRIBA NACIONAL CACAO utilized in our blend:

Grown in high–elevation highly mineralized volcanic soil
Brought down from the mountainous regions via donkey back
Minimum 30 year old True Arriba Cacao trees, some as old as 80 years
Water source is rain or deep mountain spring water, never from irrigation of potentially contaminated rivers and streams
100% Arriba.
100% Raw from start to finish
Intense deep raw chocolate flavor
Always Sun Dried, never gas dried
Phytic Acid free
Pods are harvested only when fully mature and ripe
Organic Certified
Exceeds fair–trade standards