My Philosophy




It begins with myself coming to a state of remembering. It’s uncovering the natural state- one of peace, of presence, of love.

It is this life’s journey. Its everywhere Ive been, everywhere I’m going, and everywhere I am now- all in one. It is all the pieces convalescing, coming back into balance.

I could recount my linear process from being the natural child that I was, through the trials and resulting damages to my esteem, into the beginnings of remembering and where that is leading me now. It’s my story and we all have one. For now I won’t go into the details of my particular experience. My experience is one that I am seeing happening all around me in different ways, but ultimately the same.

I believe we are partaking on a new revolution. A revolution where we are waking up and coming back to our true nature. We have been living in an outdated system, stuck in the times of the industrial revolution, of individual progress and monetary gain. Out of necessity we are coming to realize our bodies, our beings, are not progress machines. We are natural beings that have become overly identified with material and manmade objects. We have become our clothes, our jobs, our houses, our money. After pushing and stressing our landscape and our bodies for more, more, more, we are starting to wear out. Our external and internal environments are becoming polluted and depleted.

Working as a registered nurse, I have seen this same outdated system in the hospitals. Human bodies are the machines that are in need of repair and doctors are the mechanics. We have an systematic, assembly line approach to illness, with algorithms for our disfunction. It’s based on progress, efficiency, and science. Science has it’s place, but there is also an art to life, health, and healing. We are so much more than our parts. There is an essence behind these bodies that is totally unaccounted for in our Western medicine. Time after time Ive seen the same patients roll in and out of the hospital doors with chronic illnesses that go through exacerbations.. During these times, patients get stabilized with stronger medications, possible surgical interventions, and increased monitoring. After the patient’s condition is back down to what is considered manageable they are sent out the door until we see them again to manage the next flare up. This managing of the symptoms as the disease gets progressively worse, leaves the patients hopeless and powerless.

My part in this awakening revolution is to merge my experience and knowledge of the scientific, western approach to healthcare with my passion of eastern medicine. My work in the hospital and my own health issues have left me feeling like there is a gap in what is offered in our medical care. This gap is being filled by learning about indigenous and eastern health and philosophies. I do believe our health care system and society as a whole is slowly changing it’s definition and views on what wellness means for our planet and our people. I also realize that this change will take longer to become mainstream. In small, grassroots ways we will make a difference through finding what feels best for us physically, emotionally, and spiritually, educating ourselves, and then sharing it with others. I would be honored to share with you.