Scotch Broom Flower Essence


This Scotch Broom flower essence is made with: wild-crafted Scotch Broom flowers, distilled water and a tiny bit of brandy for preservation. One fluid ounce.

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Scotch Broom Essence – 1 oz.

This Scotch Broom flower essence is made with: wildcrafted Scotch Broom flowers, distilled water and a tiny bit of brandy for preservation.

Flower Essences are a medicinal plant extraction using flowers, water, and the sun or moon. The gentle extraction is said to capture the vibrational essence of the plant to be taken internally for its healing properties. They are a homeopathic medicine that work on the emotional and spiritual levels, not necessarily the physical, although of course, our emotional and spiritual well-being plays a vital role in our physical well-being.

This Scotch Broom Flower Essence can be worked with to uplift the burdened soul from the weight of the state of the world. It can be used to help one gracefully embody a sunny disposition especially as one is facing the energy of fear. It can imbue a resilience and level of toughness, while also maintaining a sense of fluidity.

According to the Bach Flower Essence Repertory, “We live in a time of great uncertainty, transformation, and upheaval. These powerful conditions can predispose many souls to feel very anxious and depressed about their lives and the future of the Earth. Such persons may be morbidly attracted to apocalyptic scenarios of the future, or exposure to mass media portrayal of world events may arouse intense feelings of pessimism and despair. These feelings burden the soul with extreme emotional weight so that the soul becomes heavy and “deep-pressed”…Scotch Broom gives tenacity and strength, enabling the individual to move from personal despair to impersonal service and concern for the welfare of the world. This essence helps the soul to meet the challenges of our times as opportunities for self growth and for helping others. In making this transition, the soul shifts from its unconscious identification with world darkness to the vision of a more hopeful, positive world future.”

This essence was also infused with the energy of stones: clear quartz tower for clear cut clarity. Tangerine quartz for clearing trauma and shock. Black tourmaline for grounding and protection. Rose quartz for love. It was made during the full moon in Libra.

For a full download on the making of this medicine, please visit the blog under “musings”

May this medicine be of aide and assistance to whomever it finds in this time and may those individuals ripple out grace, strength, and sunniness into the world-psyche.

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