Ocotillo Flower Essence



Ocotillo Flower Essence- 1 Oz

Flower Essences are a medicinal plant extraction using flowers, water, and the sun or moon. The gentle extraction is said to capture the vibrational essence of the plant to be taken internally for its healing properties.

This Ocotillo flower essence is made with: wildcrafted ocotillo flowers and Joshua Tree spring water and a tiny bit of gluten free organic vodka for preservation.

The vibrational qualities of this medicine are:

– opening to communication and synchronicities of the unseen world
– it is a drawing medicine. It will draw you into high vibrations and draw up traumas to the surface to be worked with and healed
– assistance with grieving, especially around mother wounds
-assists one to be in and to honor the process of healing
– assists in embodying both softness and boundaries
– helps one with the quality of fluidity, of letting things move through, and of being in the flow of synchronicity

For a full blog post on the energetics that transpired while making this flower essence, visit my blog

Ocotillo Medicine