Mentolado Rapeh- 10g


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Ceremonial Rapeh directly from the Kuntanawa tribe in Brazil. Prepared with extensive prayer and ceremony.

Rapeh (pronounced and sometimes spelled hape) is a mixture of tobacco and different plants ground into a fine powder that is traditionally blown up the nostrils for social and spiritual customs. It is very grounding and opening, has a quick impact, and produces a sense of well being and connection with plant medicine. Larger amounts may produce purging, which is considered to be purification. Taken with applicator, either self application with a kuripe or applied by another using a tepi

Particular qualities of Mentolado:

A blend of Tsunu, Tobacco, and Mint. Upon delivery one experiences a clearing, invigorating minty sensation. Great fro clearing- sinuses, headaches, congestion of both physical and spiritual.

Use with intention