Buttercup Flower Essence



Buttercup Flower Essence- 1 Oz

Flower Essences are a medicinal plant extraction using flowers, high quality water, and the sun or moon. The gentle extraction is said to capture the vibrational essence of the plant to be taken internally for its healing properties.

This Buttercup flower essence is made with: wildcrafted buttercup flowers, spring water and a tiny bit of brandy for preservation.

The vibrational qualities of this medicine are:

-“helps the soul to realize and sustain it’s beautiful inner light, which becomes a great source of great healing and peace for all whom it contacts” (Kaminski & Katz, Flower Essence Repertory).
– turns up our natural inner light when it’s been dimmed by the burdens of the human experience. By reflecting the light of the sun, buttercup’s own brightness glows, and helps us to also embody this radiant quality.
-aides in coming into a space of peace and presence
-apophylite crystal- a high vibrational stone connected to the angelic realms. It is often used to assist energetic work such as reiki.

For a full blog post on the energetics that transpired while making this flower essence, visit my blog

Directions for taking:

Take internally

As far as serving size- it is intuitive medicine so there’s no set answer to how much or how often. I would say to work with it for a period of time. For example, a week or a moon cycle- because it is subtle vibrational medicine, it is more effective if it is worked with for a time period as opposed to just here and there. And during the time you are taking it, give yourself time to receive the messages- take time to be slower, journal, notice your dreams.
Ask your intuition before taking it how much you should take -on average between one drop and a dropperful. My intuition typically guides me to around 3 drops, and 1-3 times per day.